Hack Google chrome No Internet Dino Game!

Hack the Google chrome No Internet Dino Game!

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Hello, world!

In this Blog article, we will learn how to Hack Google chrome No Internet Game!.

Check out the Repository for Ultimate Resource in python. Drop a star if you find it useful! Got anything to add? Open a PR on the same!

You can refer to my YouTube video Tutorial to see a working tutorial for better Understanding and a step by step Guide of the same.

What will be covered in this Blog

1. What is No Internet Dino Game?
2. How to hack No Internet Dino Game?

Let's get started!

What is No Internet Dino Game?

Make sure you are not connected to Internet. Now, open your Google chrome and search for anything and hit enter.


Voila, you have the Dino game right in-front of you. Just hit space bar to start the Game.


Now that you are familiar with with dino game we can move forward to the coding section.

Time to Code!

You can find all the code at my GitHub Repository. Drop a star if you find it useful.

carbon (7).png

All you have to do is write a single line of code.

So either Press F12 to open the developer menu or you can also right click anywhere in the browser, click inspect element, and it will open.

Screenshot_5.png Once, the developer menu opens, then switch to the console tab.

And now enter the following command.

Runner.instance_.gameOver = function(){};

That's it. we are done. You can customize your code further according to your need.

Simple, isn't it? Hope this tutorial has helped. I would strongly recommend you to Check out the YouTube video of the same and don't forget to subscribe to my Channel.

You can find all the code at my GitHub Repository. Drop a star if you find it useful.

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Comments (2)

Usman Sabuwala's photo

The Chrome Dino game is a legendary game! Also, have you tried the Surf game on Edge? I would love a hack for that too ✌

Ayushi Rawat's photo

Thank you❤️ Glad you liked it 🙂 Would try that one out too.