Become a Better Programmer

Become a Better Programmer


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Hi, Hope you are doing well!

Here are 50 Tips to become a better programmer, overcome the common problems beginners face and boost your learning process. ๐Ÿ˜„โœ”๏ธโญ๏ธ

  1. Set short term goals
  2. Understand what the problem says, Try asking the right question.
  3. Debug, do not Hit and Try
  4. Do not make excuses
  5. Practice Daily
  6. Take up small Challenges/tasks Screenshot_6.png
  7. Interact with Other Developers
  8. Join a developer community
  9. Take Regular Breaks
  10. Cultivate good Habits
  11. Have a positive mindset
  12. Do not give up easily Screenshot_5.png
  13. Help Other fellow Developers
  14. Do not Compare Yourself
  15. Find a mentor
  16. Revisit the Basics
  17. Make mistakes, that's how you will learn!
  18. Learn Googling Screenshot_7.png
  19. Do not try to learn everything at once
  20. Track your learning
  21. Never stop the learning process
  22. Read more often
  23. Prioritise your work
  24. Contribute to Open Source Screenshot_12.png
  25. Always add comments in your code
  26. Read and refactor your code
  27. Be patient, Do not run for results
  28. Learn Techniques not Tools
  29. Under Promise and Over Deliver
  30. Pair Program Screenshot_9.png
  31. Take up tasks that scare you
  32. Be open to Constructive criticism
  33. Do not reply on a single Language/tool/Library/framework
  34. Take up responsibilities
  35. Recognise and work on your weakness
  36. Know your worth Screenshot_10.png
  37. Cut off the source of distraction
  38. Be Proactive and do not Procrastinate
  39. Do not just Copy and Paste
  40. Do not overlook the Details
  41. Collaborate Cross-teams
  42. Attend workshops and seminars Screenshot_11.png
  43. Read the Documentation
  44. Psudeo code before Code
  45. Write Unit Tests
  46. Share your learnings
  47. Stay mentally Fit
  48. Develop soft skills
  49. Practice typing
  50. Value your work

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