5 COVID Related Interview Questions You Must Know About

5 COVID Related Interview Questions You Must Know About

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If you're preparing for a job interview, be prepared to get some COVID-related questions as well. The recruiters are interested in how candidates handle work (or being out of work) during the pandemic. With time, this has become a very important criterion that you cannot risk overlooking.

So in this Blog, I am going to tell you the top 5 questions you should be well prepared to answer to seize the opportunity. I have divided the article into two parts, in part two I will tell you some covid related questions that you can ask the recruiter.

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So with that being said, Let's get started!

Part I

1. HOW DID YOUR Team COMMUNICATE while working remotely?

  • Here you can describe ways in which you collaborate with your team.
  • Give examples of how you have kept in touch and the importance of regular reporting.
  • The recruiter is more interested in hearing how well you take ownership of your action items.


  • Here the recruiter is interested to know how you will handle work stress or are you afraid of losing your job?
  • If you did lose one in past then leverage it to demonstrate your progress and your newly learned skills.
  • Showcase how you helped others during the crisis.
  • you know it's really ok, to be honest about getting laid off and recruiters will surely understand.

3. How do you feel about an eventual return to work?

  • Here the recruiter wants to know, that are you prepared to adapt to changes.
  • You can be honest here but back your statement with relevant info and examples.

4. How do you maintain a work-life balance:

  • If you have pre-covid work from home experience, leverage it.
  • They observe how candidates react to their experience when they faced hardships or setbacks. Give them an example of how you have set virtual boundaries and you do not let your work get affected.
  • Of course, you are human, but what matters is, you are trying and they want to see your efforts.
  • You can use examples like, what do you do to increase your productivity.


  • You can explain how you utilize the time saved in traveling. For me, personally, I started my YouTube channel and started writing technical articles.
  • The recruiter wants to know that what would you do differently to not let work from home affect your deadlines or commitment to work.
  • so in your own words, just explain what do u do differently now

BONUS Question:

What aspects of working from home did you find most challenging?

  • Use this question as an opportunity to showcase how you handled Covid stress, stayed connected with your family, supported your colleagues, and outshined at work.
  • Hardships come and go, but you need to stay strong.

Part II


You as a candidate, have equal right to enquire about the organization's Covid policies and other related questions and make a wise decision.

  • What safety measures have the company taken to ensure that all employees are safe?
  • How do you onboard remote hires?
  • Has the organization laid off employees since COVID-19 began? If so, why?
  • How has leadership adjusted to working from home and the responsibilities?

These are difficult times, you need to stay strong. Check up on your peers, if they are doing okay? Stay connected with your family and close ones. Stay safe and sound. If you need to share something or need help, you can contact me on Twitter. And with that, it's a wrap! I hope you found the article useful!

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