Add me to search in 3 simple steps

Add me to search in 3 simple steps

Google’s new ‘people cards’ let individuals highlight themselves in search results like never before. You can showcase your business, passion or portfolio when people search for you on Google.

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A people card can include links to your website, social profiles and any other information you want people to know about you.

When you search for someone’s name, and they have a people card, you’ll see a module with their name, profession and location. The module can be tapped on to see the full card.

For people who share the same name, multiple modules will appear. Searchers can use the provided information to distinguish between the different individuals.

Here is how you can do it. Just follow the simple steps.

  • Step 1: Log into your google account and search for ‘add me to search’ on google. Click get started and detail page should open.

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  • Step 2: Fill the required details. Make sure you Preview it before saving. Preview button will get enabled once you fill up all the mandatory details.

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  • Step 3: Save it and You are all done!

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This is how your People's card will look like.

The more information you provide, the easier it is for people to find you.

Create yours and share your views.

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