GitHub to rename the default branch to main

GitHub to rename the default branch to main

GitHub to replace 'master' with 'main' starting next month

All new Git repositories on GitHub will be named "main" instead of "master" post September, 2020.


Why rename main?

main is the most popular replacement for master that we’re seeing across GitHub. We like it because it’s short, it keeps your muscle memory intact, and it translates well across most languages. We’re using main for our newly-created repositories and for the repositories we’re moving now, like dependabot-core.

On October 1, 2020: newly-created repositories will default to main On October 1, 2020, any new repositories you create will use main as the default branch, instead of master.

This change does not impact any of your existing repositories, existing repositories will continue to have the same default branch they have now.

You can opt out of this change at any time. To opt out, set the default branch for new repositories for your user, organization, or enterprise:

"By the end of the year, we'll make it seamless for existing repositories to rename their default branch," GitHub said.

When you rename the branch, we'll retarget your open PRs and draft releases, move your branch protection policies, and more - all automatically.

What are your views on this? What are the other features you wish GitHub had?

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