Kickstart your Blogging Journey with Hashnode!

Kickstart your Blogging Journey with Hashnode!

Do you read Blogs? Ever thought of writing one but stuck at how to start. This tutorial is for you.

What is Hashnode?

Hashnode is a free content creation platform and community that allows you to publish articles on your own domain and helps you stay connected with a growing developer community.

Meet the amazing people behind the mastermind Idea:

How to get started?

Use this Link to navigate to Hashnode and Kickstart your Blogging Journey

It will look something like this: image.png Next click Start your personal Blog for free.


check your email for a secure link to login.


Now, let's git init your Hashnode journey!


Follow the appropriate tags, you can personalize your feed and discover content you care about

As soon as you proceed, your feed will open, this is your personalized feed. The first two posts are featured posts and others are from the tags you follow.


  • You can Bookmark a post when you find something interesting to read.
  • Hashnode hand picks the best posts for you to read every day. Visit this tab to read and bookmark posts you like.
  • You have one Explore tab, here you can check out a list of trending developers on Hashnode. Follow them to see their content in your feed in future.

  • You can access your profile settings, drafts and bookmarks by clicking at the profile icon.

Setting Up your Blog


Choose a name which best describes you and click next.


Choose your sub domain or your can integrate your own domain here. Cool, isn't it?

If its successful, you will see something like this:


Blog Dashboard


  • In general tab you can Integrate your Blog with your other social profiles.
  • Analytics tab will show you your blog statistics
  • You can access your posts and drafts from the Posts and the Drafts tab
  • If you wish to add a new page in blog site you can refer the Pages Tab
  • You can enable the Newsletter feature so that readers can subscribe it to get instant notification every time you post a new Blog.
  • You can customize your Appearance and even Import and Export your Blogs.

There are many more cool features, Sign Up to know Everything.

Why Hashnode?

There are so many reasons why you should join this amazing Community. Let's explore the reasons together.

Blog On Your Personal Domain

You can map your custom domain in just seconds via our free CNAME pointing feature. Serve your blog over HTTPS with no extra configuration.

A very sweet gesture, I was gifted a domain by Hashnode team recently as a token of appreciation for my work. The team is real supportive.

Advantages of mapping your domain with Hashnode

Here are a few pretty solid reasons why you should consider mapping your domain to Hashnode:

  • You build your own personal branding
  • All the traffic goes to your own domain. This is not possible with other Blogging platforms like Medium and Devto.
  • You can even Republish your content to Devto and medium, but keep the original on your own domain.

Ask Me Anything

Live Q&A sessions with amazing tech teams and developers.


She Inspires

This series is all about talking to awesome women in tech, understanding the current health of the tech industry and inspiring other women to become better by Bolaji Ayodeji. I personally love this series.


Townhall is Hashnode's official blog. Have a look.


Check out some must-read Articles by Townhall.

Requests for Articles

RFA (aka Requests for Articles) is a section dedicated to helping writers decide what they should write next.

When you request an article, it's visible to every community member. When a request gets likes, it gives a signal to the writers that they should publish an article related to the request very soon.


Earn Badges

You can take part in the writing challenge under #2articles1week hashtag and win awesome badges. The goal of this challenge is to encourage you to define your writing goals, understand writing standards, become consistent at writing. Click the link to know more about it.

To celebrate every achievement of yours in the Hashnode community, launched , a new badge, a day ago Featured oh hashnode. If you are featured on Hashnode, you will receive a featured badge which you can display on your profile. Tapas Adhikary and Francesco Ciulla are the first ones to receive it.

Become an Ambassador

An exclusive program that rewards you for inviting your friends to Hashnode. It will look something like this: image.png If you wish to know more about it, Navigate using this link

Key features of Hashnode

Look at the amazing features the platform provides.


  • You can personalize your own theme for your Blog.
  • It supports Markdown.
  • You can import your Blog from another blogging website, like Medium or DEVto
  • My personal favourite, Newsletter feature , you can subscribe to your favourite writer's newsletter and you will never miss an update, just like YouTube bell icon.
  • It supports AMP(Accelerated Mobile Pages) with a single click.
  • No Annoying Pop-Ups And Ads On Your Articles
  • Another new feature, now you can pin your Blog. Refer this link to know more
  • You can share your drafts with anyone for review, awesome, isn't it?
  • You can choose between Dark/Light mode! My personal favourite is the Light theme. What's your favourite Hashnode theme?

Discord Server

Join the Discord server by clicking at the click. Have a quick look:


Digging deep into the Discord server:

  • You have a support channel if you require help and the most amazing thing is that you can directly connect with the CEO, but I will not suggest you to personally bug him.
  • Best Articles of the day Channel posts best blogs of the day at 12:08 AM daily.
  • If you are new you can introduce your blog at The Blog Introduction Channel
  • If you have any amazing idea, you can share it at exchange ideas Channel

Must Read Developer Articles on Hashnode

Weekly Hashnode publishes a Must Read developer Articles, a curated list of excellent articles in the community published in past week.

This week 12th issue was published on Tuesday. Three of my blog posts have been featured till date,

Python 3.9: All You need to know | GitHub CLI 1.0: All you need to know | You are Important & so is your Mental Health!

What is your favourite feature of Hashnode ?

Resources for a Better WriteUp

If you know some additions resources, Do mention in the Comments Below!

Meet some Amazing writers

Meet some of the awesome writers of the Community, you wouldn't wanna miss a chance to know them.

Catalin Pit, @victoria , Chris Bongers, Sai Laasya Vabilisetty, Eduardo Flores, Danny Steenman, David Ojeda, @keithzm, @denic, @skay, @ilona. I have tried to cover few of them.

If I missed an amazing writer, do mention in the comments.

Use Twitter? Follow Hashnode on Twitter for daily Updates.

I have migrated mine to Hashnode. When are you migrating it?

If you are a new Blogger or planning to start your journey I would personally recommend you to join Hashnode right away. You will love it.

You can connect with me at Twitter.

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See you in my next article, Take care!

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