Stand Out by Building a Personal Brand

Stand Out by Building a Personal Brand

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I am attending a Technical Writing Bootcamp at @hashnode. Hashnode Bootcamp III is a free virtual Bootcamp to help beginner technical writers to improve their writing skill. This article is inspired by the latest session by Colby Fayock, @colbyfayock

In this Blog article, I will share my thoughts on Building a Personal Brand.

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A personal Brand:

Screenshot_5.png To create a personal brand is to make use of consistent images for online presence. It matters to reflect the same image across all online platforms. Screenshot_6.png In most cases, an image is the first thing that catches the eye of any person, so use similar covers to reflect your personality. Personal branding is important. Screenshot_7.png

It helps create value and support in building authority.

Your portfolio should deliver the same message. The idea is to make it easy for the user to recognize and remember you! So, I am working on achieving the same, starting with being consistent. Consistency is a game-changer.


I already have the same image across all platforms and my portfolio is in progress. I plan to keep updating this blog post. Thank you for reading!

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