What does successful blogging means to me?

What does successful blogging means to me?

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I am attending a Technical Writing Bootcamp at @hashnode. Hashnode Bootcamp II is a free virtual Bootcamp to help beginner technical writers to improve their writing skill.

This article is inspired by the latest session by Michaela Greiler, @mgreiler, she suggested writing about what does successful blogging mean.

In this Blog article, I will share my thoughts on the same.

Success has different meaning to different people. For me, the reason lies in the question Why I started writing a Blog?

Why I started writing a Blog?

I like to read and I read a lot but writing never crossed my mind. I have a habit of documenting my learning.

I like to document my work. One day I was surfing the Internet and landed upon a very well-drafted blog and it strike me that every time I get stuck, I google.

Google then redirects to a webpage or a blog post, if it helps me then maybe I can write one. But I got caught up in what-ifs of the situation.

What if:

  • No-one reads my blog
  • No one like what I write, etc

It's hard to press the publish button for the very first time.

GOAL: Most people fear to take the first step and do not have the courage to cross the barrier, and trust me starting off is the toughest part and I can relate to it. So, with that in mind, I wanted to help people, like me who are to start their journey as a developer and make the Community a better place for developers.

What does successful blog means to me?

Blogging is a process, blogging helped me realise that negative feedback are as important as the positive ones. People seek only for positive ones and ignore the negatives. ! Negative ones help you grow, I try to get analyse feedback and improve myself.

I feel I am successful at my blog If:

  • people benefit from what I write.
  • it solves their problem.
  • it helps me get better at communicating and to help me to be able to present my ideas.
  • it helps them grow or motivate them or give them the little push to cross the barrier.

Final Thoughts

You need not be perfect to start a blog.

I am learning Python, Blogging is a wonderful medium to share my learning with other people, It in turn helps me learn faster and better.

I wish to continue writing and you should too. It will help you in ways, you cannot imagine.

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Do share your valuable suggestions, I appreciate your honest feedback!

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