What is Competitive Programming | Beginners Guide

What is Competitive Programming | Beginners Guide

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Do you code? Do you take part in coding contests? Ever heard of CP? Want to master CP? I received a lot of requests of students and developers for CP guidance to help them get started. I decided to create a separate video for the same explaining everything you need to know about CP. CP is short for Competitive Programming.

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What will be covered ?

1. What is cp?
2. factors involed & Tips and Tricks
3. benefits of CP

Let's get started!

What is Competitive Programming:

As the name suggests, it's a competition of coding where you have to solve a question using your logic based on mathematics, algorithm, and data structure. You break the problem into small chunks and come up with a solution after analyzing the problem from different angles to minimize the time and space complexity.

Programming is like a mental sport, it boosts your thinking skills. When you participate in a contest as a potential candidate for coding, its called as CP. Candidates participate from all around the world.

In the video I have explained how to decode the Question pattern, understand sample input, output and constraints at two different CP platforms. Also explained about the factors to consider to score rank in contents. Refer the link to my YouTube video Tutorial for more in detail and better Understanding.

I will soon create a Roadmap of CP, explaining topics and other important stuffs to cover to master CP. So stay tuned!

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