Why Build an Effective Developer Portfolio

Why Build an Effective Developer Portfolio

Build an Effective Developer Portfolio - Hashnode Bootcamp IV Task

Hello there, I am attending a Technical Writing Bootcamp at @hashnode. Hashnode Bootcamp III is a free virtual Bootcamp to help beginner technical writers to improve their writing skill. This article is inspired by the latest session by Annie, @anniebombanie

Let's get started.

A First Impression Says Everything

First impressions play a vital role in building positive momentum. As J. K. Rowling very wisely said,

A good first impression can work wonders.

What can be a better way to achieve this than building a portfolio.

- Online Presence

Your portfolio can reach where you cannot says a lot about its importance! It will boost your online presence.

- Get Hired!

A developer portfolio is a great way to demonstrate your competencies. You can customize it to showcase your interests, work, achievements and many more stuff. It reflects your real performance in domains.

Few Tips:

  • Make the best use of the About section. It is a very important section & make sure to include non-tech stuff like what do you do when not coding?

  • Highlight your top three projects briefly. Drop the links to showcase the live demonstration.

    Tip: Revisit and update your old projects

  • Add TESTIMONIALS! Yes, they matter! It's the best way to prove your credibility by showing that real people have had a positive experience with your products or service.

  • Add a contact section. The easier for a user to contact you. higher the probability of them actually getting in touch with you.

  • Do you Blog? Add it too. Yes, it counts.

  • Be open to feedback, negative feedback will help you improve and get better.

I am currently working on my portfolio. I will update the blog post when I am done. I would recommend you to build a portfolio if you don't have one already. Do you have a developer portfolio? Share the link in the comments section below!

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