Work From Home Essentials

Work From Home Essentials

Working from home has become the new normal and It is a must to ensure a healthy work-life balance. Here are few essential tips which can help you!

Dedicated Workspace!


Although you're working from home, You must have a dedicated Workspace. Start with Setting up your desk.

It helps you establish physical boundaries. Most people tend to ignore this, especially if you're new to working remotely. You simply need a dedicated space. If you're working from home with your partner, or kids, or a roommate, make your needs known.

Try to make it more comfortable and most importantly, free from distractions!

TIP: Pick a spot for your desk where you can plenty of natural light.

Set up a Morning Routine!


If I talk about me, personally, mornings sets the tone for the whole day. It prepares you for the upcoming day.

No Rush, give yourself a few days to establish a routine. It helps you fit in the best mindset. Your morning routine can involve going to a gym, reading the news or maybe cooking. What is your morning Routine?

TIP: Start your day with a Glass of water, Stay Hydrated!

Stay connected!


Do not miss the human interaction, with Time, working from home can become isolating, So its important to stay connected!

Stay connected with your team using virtual communication tools like Ms-teams, Google-meet or Slack. Have a one-to-one conversation on a regular basis with peers.

What do you do to stay Connected?

Schedule breaks & Move yourself!


Working from home can be tiring desk job. You need to take care of your mental health. You cannot just grab a laptop and keep working all day long, it will affect your health drastically.

Schedule your breaks,

  • Take small five minutes break every hour
  • Drink water frequently.
  • Strech your muscles.

  • Prepare Tea/Coffee or any healthy drink and take a small walk for few mintutes.

  • When you receive a non-work call, again do a little walk and talk.

    How do you Utilize and plan your breaks?

Do you have reliable technology?


So when you're working from home, it becomes important to make sure that ones has a reliable internet connection. If you have unlimited mobile data, you can connect to your phone's hotspot, But prefer a stable broadband connection.

TIP: Always have a backup plan!

Set Up Work-Life boundaries !


If you are working remotely, It becomes important to set up few boundaries so that your work does not get affected. Having a dedicated workspace is a first.

Do you check for your cell phone's notifications regularly? Nope, you gotta stop doing it! It is killing your time and your productivity. So maybe you can even setup some virtual boundaries to maintain a good work life balance.

What do you do to achieve a good work life balance?


  • Always Maintain good posture.

  • Use ethernet connection for video calls from the computer.

  • Organize your daily tasks.

  • Don't eat at your desk.

  • Routine could be your best ally.

    Share what you do to ensure a healthy work-life balance and If you would like to add anything feel free to add in the comments section below.

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