Why Do I Blog?

Why Do I Blog?

Hello World!

I am attending a Technical Writing Bootcamp at @hashnode. Hashnode Bootcamp II is a free virtual Bootcamp to help beginner technical writers to improve their writing skill. This article is inspired by the latest session by Ruth Ikegah, [@ikegah_ruth]

TASK: To write about what motivates me to write or blog as a developer.

PURPOSE: This article should serve as a reference whenever I face writer's block.

MY MOTO: Let's learn and grow together and make the DEV Community a better place for developers.

In this Blog article, I will share my thoughts on the same. Let's get started. Stating five key reasons which should answer the question.

1. Document my learning

I have a habit of documenting my learning. This serves as a primary reason which pushes me to write, not just for me but to help developers who are beginners and new to the DEV Community. Blogging makes it easier for me to write and express my ideas.

2. Teach and share my personal experience

For most people, the first step is always the toughest. I try to help people overcome the barrier and provide the the little push that they think they need to start their journey through my personal experience. For me blogging is form to express my take at something. It in turns provides me an opportunity to grow.

3. Get better through feedback and suggestions

The best way to learn anything is practice. Feedbacks play a vital role for a writer as getting a third perspective always helps. If I blog, I get regular feedbacks and suggestions. Positive ones motivate me to write more, whereas, the negative ones, help me grow, help me get better.

4.Contribute to shape the community a better place for developers

I remember the time I wrote my first blog. I couldn't have done it without the support by the DEV community throughout my journey. I try to do my level best to contribute to the DEV community and support fellow bloggers in shaping the Community a better place for us.

5.Expand my network and connect with like-minded people

Blogging can serve as a medium of communication, it opens a channel to connect with like-minded people from all over the world that share the same interests as us. We can learn from each other and even collaborate in projects that would help to boost our career to the next level.

Final Thoughts

I am learning Python, Blogging is a wonderful medium to share my learning with other people, It in turn helps me learn faster and better.

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